Stilbaai :: Feb 2012 Holiday Part II

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Stilbaai :: Feb 2012 Holiday Part II

After our week visit to family in Swellendam, we drove the approximate 120km to Stilbaai to spend a week in this beautiful town.

Stilbaai has a certain appeal to it, an undescribable force pulling us back time and time again. I’ve spent more than 19 Decembers here from the age of 5 and even now at 35, I still love the place more than any other in South Africa…and I’ve seen quite a lot of our beautiful country!

We rented the same self-catering accommodation as we did back in September 2009 when I had to shoot a wedding near Rietbron in the Karoo. My parents were very impressed with the facilites and the fact that we had such an amazing view of the main beach and bay, which is right in front of us.

There was quite a gusty wind blowing when we arrive and after unpacking, I grabbed the camera and took some shots of the kite surfers. Lucky for us, the wind subsided by the second day and we had beautiful weather for the duration of our stay.

Wian {loved} playing in the water and with every passing wave, he would ‘karate chop’ them and squeal with delight as we played in the sea.

I hope you enjoy the photos and remember: comments are always welcome!



My parents

The two beautiful women in my life.

My landscape attempts

We picked these up on the beach one morning after our swim.

I have competition! Whenever I’m busy taking photos, Wian also wants to show off his skills

Oh and he felt the sunlight was too harsh, therefore the sunglasses & umbrella, hahaha!

Daddy’s darling little girl

Minay & Linel

Stilbaai’s blue flag beach

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