Jurette :: Portraits

Posted on May 6, 2011 in Featured, Portraits, Recent Work | 3 comments

Jurette :: Portraits

Jurette and I headed out on a scouting mission for a shoot we have been planning with a close friend of Jurette for some time now and ended up doing a mini portrait photo session, while location scouting.

The afternoon was cold and overcast and the rain clouds were gathering in the distance, but we ended up being able to shoot for about an hour – then, as we got back to the car, it started to pour down with rain!

Jurette, I’m glad you had fun and love your photos so much and I’m looking forward to our collaboration portrait session with Danelle.



  1. wow andre! die kleure en composition in hierdie fotos is regtig stunning! die derde een is my favourtie, SO stunning 🙂

    • Dankie baie Tash, dis dierbaar van jou!

  2. Derde een van bo en derde een van onder is my favourite 🙂

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