A New Start

Posted on February 21, 2011 in Blog, General, News | 0 comments

A New Start

I’ve been planning a new web site for some time now and after months of research, customisations and canning everything just to start all over again, I can say with confidence that I’m finally happy with the results.

Thus, as of today I’ve officially launched my new web site and in case you’re wondering: yes you’re looking at it! *YAY!* (since I’ve just launched the new site, I’m still in the process of uploading content, so please be patient while I do my best to get more blog posts and images online)

The overhaul will allow me more control and easier updates to the content of the site as well as an integrated blog, to which I hope to post regular updates and photos from recent weddings, maternity and new-born sessions. I’ll also post general items and news to the blog from time to time.

I promised myself a fresh start to my photography for this year and to me personally, this “sunrise with mist over the lagoon” image which I shot towards the end of last year, depicts that fresh start so well in my opinion:

I hope you’ll enjoy the new site as much as I do and that 2011 may be an awesome year for you too!


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