Who I Am

Who I Am

Hi I’m André, owner of and photographer at André van der Veen Photography.


Apart from my obvious love for photography and being passionate about,

~ I love The Holy Trinity. Without God in my life, I would be nothing!!

~ I love my beautiful wife! When I’m away from her, I miss her like crazy and cannot wait to get home to be with her again…although this won’t distract me from making your photography session memorable, so don’t worry about that! 😉

~ I love my son Wian and daughter Minay. Apart from my wife, my kids are my everything!

~ I love anything sweet. Unfortunately my children inherited my sweet tooth *EEEK! hahaha!

~ I love my family and friends. Life would be boring without them.

~ I love to sleep in. Alas it hardly ever happens when you have kids!

~ I love pizza & pasta…in fact, any Italian food is my favourite.

~ I love watching movies. My wife curled up next to me, a bowl of popcorn, my favourite sweets…

~ I love friendly people. It costs nothing to be friendly and smile.

~ I love to play golf with my friends, even though I’m no good at it – it gives me time to get out there and relax with people dear to me.

~ I love to bake and cook. When I fail being creative with my camera, I want to be creative in the kitchen.

~ Oh and of course, I love photography, but you already know that!


I hope to meet you one day soon and have the honour of capturing your special memories for you!