New Branding & Logo :: General

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New Branding & Logo :: General

The process of branding for my business and a logo design started early in 2011 but after a number of failed attempts, I decided to call in the help of a local designer, Kelly-Ann Rood from Rude Design.

The brief was relatively simple: I didn’t want anything relating to a camera in my logo, yet the logo needed to be clean, simply but effective, in other words: if people were to see it somewhere, I wanted them to not only remember it, but also recognise it again in future. I decided to not introduce colour into the branding as I didn’t want the logo etc to distract from the photographs, when used in combination.

So after a first- and second draft, I decided on my logo and unlike the previous attempts, this time I am happy with it! I know that not everyone out there will like it or even agree that it is effective, nice, good looking or whatever else, but I’m hoping the majority of my followers, fans, friends, family and foes will think it ROCKS! As an “ex”-designer and fellow stock photographer once told me: “YOU need to love it, it’s YOUR logo after all!” Thanks Luba Nel, wise words indeed.

Thanks again Kelly for the wonderful job you’ve done and for being such an easy-to-work-with and fun, yet professional person – I highly recommend Rude Design for all your branding needs and more!!

So without further ado…go forth and feast your eyes! πŸ™‚

(comments are, as always, very welcome!)

Business Card:

Andre van der Veen Photography - Business Card

Compliment Slip:

Andre van der Veen Photography - Compliment Slip

Letterhead (printed):

Andre van der Veen Photography - Letterhead (printed)

and last but not least:


AndrΓ© van der Veen - Logo


  1. baie cool andre!! baie geluk!! πŸ™‚

    • Baie dankie tash! x

  2. Dit is ‘n baie mooi logo.

    • baie dankie oom Tabo, ek dink ook so! πŸ™‚

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