Wynand & Ilze :: Wedding, Achterbergh

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Wynand & Ilze :: Wedding, Achterbergh

Wynand and Ilze met when she asked him to be her date for a wedding she had to attend and while on their first date, Wynand ended up in hospital with a stroke, of which he luckily did not suffer any lasting effects – Ilze on the other hand was not that fortunate: till today she gets teased that she was the cause of his stroke, which is not so hard to believe when you look at her and once you get to know her: she is a natural beauty with a heart that is just as beautiful as she is!

Their wedding, which was mostly DIY, turned out to be a blast, even though there were a couple of “accidents” when the chinese lanterns were released later that evening – the great part was that sooooo many people chipped in and helped get everything ready, these two people are truly loved and blessed!

Wynand & Ilze: I am blessed and honoured to have been witness to the love you share for each other and I can only hope that my photos do that love justice and thank you once again for asking me to take care of the bridal couple photo session.

PS: for those of you who weren’t there or do not know, I wasn’t the official photographer for the entire wedding and some of the images below were taken by my lovely wife Linel, so I cannot take all the credit 😉


Venue: Achterbergh

Catering: Your Pl@ce

Flowers & Decor: Millie van Deventer {013-665 1597}



I just love how the light enhanced the LACOSTE logo on the bottle!

It was a very emotional ceremony, I don’t think anyone there didn’t at one point or another shed a tear.

My gorgeous wife and adorable darling son:

To celebrate their love for and with family and friends, every couple received a chinese lantern,

onto which they wrote a message to the bridal couple, lit them and released them into the air.

I tried something different with the images, instead of loading them one-by-one, I’ve combined two photos into one – let me know if you think this way works better or do you prefer them on their own?


  1. andre, die fotos is regtig sooooooo stunning, en wow die bruid is verskrikik mooi! ek weet hulle sal hierdie images treasure!

  2. WOW!! Iam speechless, it is breath taking!!! and they fit perfectly with each other. Iam truelly blessed to know this couple. The photo’s really are soooooooooo beautifull, a job well done. I dont think they could have gone better.

  3. André, jy was verniet bekommerd…Die buitelug couple foto’s is stunning! Goeie werk!

  4. STUNNING Andre!! Well done!

  5. Die foto’s is stunning! Ek sal jou definitief aanbeveel as ek hoor van iemand wat gaan trou!

  6. ‘n Wonderlike samestelling van hulle groot dag – baie dankie Liefdetjies Ma Annie

    • Dit was ‘n stunning troue en dit kan mens duidelik in die foto’s sien, baie baie nice! 🙂

  7. Andre…well done jyt selfs vir my nie te sleg laat lyk nie. fotos is amazing en ja geen wonner jy is featured fotograaf op websites nie!!! dankie vir jou aandeel

  8. Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone, it’s so nice to get feedback and your thoughts! 🙂

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